Thursday, 13 September 2018

Writing: Engaging Beginnings

In class this week we have been working on making engaging beginnings for our scifi narrative writing. We have practiced six different types of beginnings to keep our writing entertaining. As a whole class we created some examples of how to do it.


  • Josh and his robot dog were watching the lotto on TV and his numbers came up!

  • Josh and his robot dog won the lotto. What will they do with the money? What would you do?

Intro Character:
  • The intelligent, yet clumsy, boy named Josh was trying to win the lotto.

  • "You silly old pooch. If we win then I'll ditch you and get a cat," warned Josh. 

  • As he unscrewed the bolts on the dog, reached inside and grasped it, his excitement returned.
    Earlier that day, Josh had been at the shops buying a lotto ticket.

  • With gleeful vibes throughout his body, Josh sat intensely on the edge of the couch. As the last number rolled forward he leapt into the air and yelled with excitement.

Special Kapa Haka Performance